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Please note the new address:

Language Skills

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The Language Skills' family is getting bigger!

We now have a Welsh version on offer thanks to Lisa Pitman. The site is only in its infancy and we only have Year 7 and a few topics in year 8 and 9, but bear with us and we will soon have a very exhaustive site for you to use.

In this site, you will find a list of topics for each year, and for each topic at least a couple of exercises for each skill, reading, writing and listening.

A lot of these exercises can be used in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard. Click on the whiteboard icon next to selected exercises to load the full screen version which is more suitable for whiteboard.


 Catherine Murphy, May 2018

Shortlisted for "Best Online Learning Resource"

Shortlisted for "Best Online Learning Resource", BETT Awards

1 Jan 2004

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